“Efficient- work through conflict in a cost-effective way, putting the children’s needs as a priority, in a way that minimizes your pain. He doesn’t want to drag it out any more than you do.”

“Mediation is not counseling and his goal would be to help you come up with a plan that is the best possible outcome for both of you. “

“He could not be your counselor and mediator at the same time. He helps you talk your situation through in a way that each person is respected and no one has the upper hand or an unfair advantage. We feel respected, heard and understood- which ultimately prevents many conflicts from escalating. If we have a disagreement, there are ground rules that help it stay respectful. There are also ways to come back from a disagreement so as to not derail the gains made.”

“Don has taught Conflict Resolution to many different audiences over the years, using the best research available. Don also has several CDs to help with anger management and letting go.  He is an authority on conflict and couples.”  

“You will walk away with new or improved tools to continue good listening and tactful communication, resources to help you on your journey.”

Don's colleague reflects on his skills:

"Don has been working with couples for over 30 years on communication and relationship issues. Keeping marriages together has been a primary focus for him in his work and in his continuing education. He is now adding divorce mediation to his practice enabling those couples who are unable to make their marriage work, to sit with him and mediate an agreement that works best for them, while staying out of a court based process. Helping couples who are no longer able to stay married, redefine their family and keeping the best interests of the Children in the center of the room.

Don has attended trainings locally, statewide and some of his favorites have been through Harvard and their renowned programming. He is more committed than anyone I know to being fully educated and prepared. Attending trainings, reading books and being up to date on the latest research. Don has conducted as many trainings as he has received. Leading other professionals in the mental health field and professionals within the legal and financial realm as well. 


He is committed to the field, to his clients and to the authenticity of the process.

Don's empathy and compassion lead the couple through the mediation process. Conflict not being the focus, rather resolution and moving forward in the most healthy way for everyone is the primary goal. Don's skilled approach is person/people centered and offers couples a transparent and authentic process for separation or divorce.

Don uses a team approach when needed. Financial experts, valuation professionals and attorneys, if needed, are referrals that will support mediation.

Do your research and choose a compassionate, educated mediator. A leader who knows how to walk you through the tough decisions that need to be made. Choose a professional with the skills that are critical for a mediator: empathy, compassion and the ability to let go of the outcome knowing the couple should determine how best to move forward with the decisions so crucial to their families success."

My primary purpose is to facilitate your voluntary agreement, not provide professional advice, no promises and not make guarantees of results. - Don Boice

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