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What Role Does Sacrificing for Your Partner Play?

“I know I need time to debrief myself after a hellish day at work. I’m an introvert, but you ask me to rush home to be with you. I want to be with you and cuddle and talk. I rush home to be with you and you are exhausted by the time I get there (20 minutes). I was disappointed that I didn’t get what I needed and you got what you needed (me home) and I want you to have my back when you say to rush home to you."

If you had to guess, the next time she asks him to sacrifice his needs for hers, what is going through his mind?

Will he sell himself out repeatedly and over accommodate or will he make sure his needs are met?

Go ahead and have the courage to address the situation. Practice being brave and saying what you need to say in a good way.

To get even more from it, try this from Ken Cloke, “Clarify and reinforce what was learned from the conflict, and use it to improve and evolve to higher levels of conflict and resolution. Move the conversation toward forgiveness and reconciliation.”

"Would you consider..." is a great way to start the conversation, asking the person to help meet the needs you have.


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