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Want an Overview of Mediation?

If you are interested in learning more about certain topics in Divorce Mediation, how to best prepare yourself for a good experience – you might like my YouTube creations:

Contemplating Divorce:

Is Mediation Right For Us?

Inspiration to listen before you go to mediation:

Should I mediate:

Before you mediate (good food for your mind) :

Goal of protection during Mediation:

Practical Prep for Mediation:

Think about who you want to mediate your divorce process. Who do you trust guiding you and having your best interests? Think about the personality of the person and how well they “play with others.” Is your mediator someone humble enough that she/he knows they need to forever continue their education, and give back to the field or is it the person who is a lone wolf or hypercompetitive? Do you want someone who is willing to give information out for free or hoard it? Is it someone who has a “one size fits all” approach? Is it someone who can get you connected to experts or the person who thinks they know all the aspects of divorce process? Do you want someone who knows the topics but can also deal with your feelings? Do you want someone who is warm and fuzzy and can be empathetic? Do you want someone whose office returns your calls?

Specific suggestions for your communication process:

How to have a better fight/argument:

How to tell the children:

How feelings work:

Can you clarify to improve your communication:

Validating your partner for effective communication:

Getting your needs met:

Topics From Game Theory That Apply to Mediation:

Don’t get tricked into fighting:

Nash Equilibrium is the highest win-win:

Bayes Rule for conflict:

Don’t make it into win-lose:

Process Standards- do we both have buy-in:

Topic Areas Within Mediation

College Expenses:

Equitable Distribution of Assets in mediation:

Child support concepts:

The Parenting Plan (formerly called custody) and schedule:

Talking about your ex:

Talking about money:

Talking about taxes and implications during the process of divorce:

Ideas for your Budget during mediation:

Step kids and kids; how to have the conversations:

Talking about the chores: