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Applying Game Theory To Divorce Mediation I'm Training the Upstate NY Divorce mediators and teaching a very specific use of Game Theory that should help them help their clients alleviate suffering and make better decisions.

Game theory is all about strategic decision making and making sure systems are in place to take advantage of strategy. By applying the principles of game theory to divorce mediation, we can redefine the rules and payoff structure to create a process in which the most rational strategy to achieve goals is cooperative behavior.

During this extended and interactive session, Don Boice, LCSWR, will address key elements of game theory including:

- Ten myths

- Process standards (from small and simple to big and complex, always focusing on values)

- Content standards (taking turns negotiating proposals, how to look out for both parties, bargaining/negotiating the best deal for the family‘s long-term life goals)

- Information management (complete, verifiable, how to build trust, how to include screening and signaling)

- Decision-making procedures for the future (What guides those decisions and why?)

Does your Divorce Mediator help you learn how to make better joint decisions so that in the future, you won't need as much outside help?


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