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Want a YouTube to Help Guide Your Process?

Specific suggestions for your communication process:

How to have a better fight/argument:

Nonviolent communication is so powerful as a connector, please consider using it:

How to tell the children:

How feelings work:

Can you clarify to improve your communication:

Validating your partner for effective communication:

Getting your needs met:

Topics From Game Theory That Apply to Mediation:

Don’t get tricked into fighting:

Nash Equilibrium is the highest win-win:

Bayes Rule for conflict:

Don’t make it into win-lose:

Process Standards- do we both have buy-in:

Topic Areas Within Mediation

College Expenses:

Equitable Distribution of Assets in mediation:

Child support concepts:

The Parenting Plan (formerly called custody) and schedule:

Talking about your ex:

Talking about money:

Talking about taxes and implications during the process of divorce:

Ideas for your Budget during mediation:

Step kids and kids; how to have the conversations:

Talking about the chores: