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Do you walk the walk or just talk a good game? The following is a true story and sounds minor until you realize that it is a pattern and represents something deeper. Think about how this affected your relationship to this point and how it might impact it going forward.

“You promised we’d get up early and go for a jog and when the time comes, you want to just lie there. If I go for the jog without you, you get upset with me. You want me to cuddle and while I enjoy cuddling, this is the best time to jog. I feel disappointed and trapped by this. You offer, with pouty face, to still jog. I should have left and done my own thing at this point. I needed it and I took care of you instead.”

When you go back on your word, what does it do for trust?

When you say you are going to do something, do you do it?

When you keep expecting someone to change, to keep their promises, how does that affect you?

Should you be surprised when they don’t keep the promise?

At what point are you mad at yourself for over accomodating or selling yourself out?

What story are you telling yourself in your head when this happens?

What emotions are you creating about this story?


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