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Happy Thanksgiving

Divorcing, separating, or already there...Holidays can be a challenge. So many dynamics and challenges with family, new realities...

How do you take back control of your life and your moods?

Imagine living a life of gratitude.

Just saying thank you over and over changes your mood. It might not do more than that, but if your mood can improve, isn’t that worth it?

What if you really meant it, though? Focus your attention on what is good in your world and keep your focus there. Tell people what you appreciate about them. You feel better and people around you tend to appreciate being appreciated and being around someone in a good mood. What’s the downside? I don’t think there is one. Yes, the negative exists and you are aware of that. Don’t pretend the negative isn’t there. Acknowledge it and get on with your life. Can you shift the negative? If so, do so. Dwelling on the negative doesn’t help anything. If the problem can be fixed, fix it. Move on.

Christmas is around the corner and I keep hearing people wondering what they can buy for their loved ones. Why not a gift of service, tailored to that person. How well do you really know that person?

Can you spend time with them and get to know them better, working on your connection, telling them what you appreciate about them? Could you volunteer together at a homeless shelter? That benefits your relationship and the people you serve. Volunteering and serving makes us happier, so there’s that. Would you donate to their favorite charity? For example, “the gift of clean water” is an option from www.Heifer.org and it keeps on giving to the village.

You feel better for improving the planet, the lives of people who have limited access to clean drinking water and you are sharing the merit of that action with your loved one. How about working with them on a Habitat for Humanity house? Great charity, good time spent together helping others, being physically active and bonding…


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