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Games and Relationships

Thoughtcatalog.com had this wonderful article that listed 26 games not to play, from the male perspective, speaking to women in general. I’m going out on a limb and guessing that women don’t like when someone plays these games, either… Anyone with me on that?

26-Not Considering His Feelings

Being considerate is one of the most basic forms of respect you can show another person. So you love to go out to movies, but your partner prefers to go out to restaurants. Find a common ground and on your next date, offer to eat before or after the film so you can both enjoy your favorite pastimes with your favorite person.

If you’re not willing to consider your partner’s feelings, you might as well end the relationship now.

25-When Things Get Tough, She Gets Going

Rather than talking through your relationship’s issues, you’d rather just call it quits. It’s a lot easier to give up than it is to work to fix something as complex as a romantic partnership.

The thing is, if you want a real relationship, you’ve got to act like an adult (even if you really don’t want to, which is kind of the whole point) and at least try to work through your differences. It’s amazing what a little effort can produce.

24-Believing Her Friends’ Opinions Matter More Than Her Partner’s

It’s always important to consider what your friends have to say about things, but remember their opinion isn’t always the most informed. If your romantic partner suggests something and your friends try to encourage you not to take your partner’s advice, stop and think about it. Does your love know more about the situation than your friends do? Just because there are more of them and only one of your partner, it doesn’t mean they’re right – especially when it comes to your relationship. Some things are best kept private.

In my sessions, we call it “poisoning the waterhole.” You cannot dish dirt and expect the water not to get muddy. Be careful who you tell your dirty laundry and be fair, knowing you may very well have to undo what you said and you have already biased your family/friends.

So this is important for old relationships, current ones and future ones, not just romantic relationships, either.


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