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Do You Want Your Conflict To Be Productive?

I am starting a YouTube channel to help guide people through basics of conflict resolution, using bite sized videos. Less than two minutes of your time per video and you'll have all the tools you need to be productive going forward. If you practice, rehearse and evaluate yourself after listening and viewing the videos, you will be a pro in no time.

First: Please keep in mind that when I value a relationship, I am more likely to confront. If I don't care about a relationship, you won't find as much conflict, people simply avoid.

Is it worth it for me to gather my thoughts, suffer through the angst, screw up my courage and have a difficult conversation? I think in this relationship, it is worth our while to see if we can fix a pattern I have noticed. I want you to know how your behavior affects me and would like to know how mine affects you. "Intimacy" implies getting to know each other and letting the other person know us. Is your confrontation an invitation to get to know me or am I venting my anger on you and blaming you for the problem?


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